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Photo: Ismael Quintanilla III

ASUNA is Japanese sound artist who has recently been reevaluated in the experimental music and art scene in recent years. Since teens in the late 90s, he has been producing in the experimental and improvised music scene in Tokyo. His works is simultaneously an interdisciplinary perspective in art and a hardcore/punk and a sweet, musical orientation that seems to be its opposite. His signature work was “Each Organ” (2002), a sound installation that reinterpreted the concept of things from etymology. Then also released an album of reed organ drones and idyllic electronics, “Organ Leaf” (2003), on Lucky Kitchen in Spain, and has since released on labels around the world such as Meeuw Muzak, Senufo Editions, Faitiche, 12k, Home Normal, Headz and etc. He also often toured with “100 Toys” avant-garde performance, which featured a large number of toys. ASUNA’s recent work “100 Keyboards” is a site-specific performance featuring over 100 toy-keyboards. This focuses on physical acoustic phenomena such as interference sound and moire resonance. This work has performed at many international art festivals and theaters such as BAM in New York.


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