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#2000 Spring
Issue 32: Diagnostics of the 20th Century - "The Century of War" and Art

#2000 Winter
Issue 31: Multimedia and Education

#1999 Autumn
Issue 30: Pioneering the New World of the Next Generation Internet

#1999 Summer
Issue 29: Dance Frontiers/Technologies of the Body

#1999 Spring
Issue 28: We are the ROBOTS

#1998 Winter
Issue 27: KANJI War -Computerized Society and the Japanese Language

#1998 Autumn
Issue 26: music/noise -21st-Century Alternatives

#1998 Summer
Issue 25: Telepresence : A Technology Transcending Time and Space

#1998 Spring
Issue 24: Virtual Architecture

#1997 Winter
Issue 23: Toward Anti-Gravity: A Takeoff from Matter

#1997 Autumn
Issue 22: Beauty According to Science

#1997 Summer
Issue 21: The Future Tense of Information Society: Dialogues

#1997 Spring
Issue 20: Spectacle Space in the 20th Century....Expositions/The Olympics/Museums/Media

#1997 Winter
Issue 19: Cyber Asia....The Rise of Information Cultures and Societies

#1996 Autumn
Issue 18: HyperLibrary....From Databases to Post-Databases

#1996 Spring
Issue 17: The Twentieth Century Dialogue between Art and Technology

#1996 Spring
Issue 16: Entertainment Technology

#1996 Winter
Issue 15: Super Museum....Museums in the Computer Age
Internet edition is released
How will the function and role of museums to preserve and exhibit change
with the development of electronic technology? ICMagazineEd on some model cases
the new museum of the 21st century will be discussed from various angles.

#1995 Autumn
Issue 14: An Archaeology of Moving Image Media
Internet edition is released
Celebrating the centennial of the birth of the film, it observes from the
archaeological point of view how the media for moving image has developed.

#1995 Summer
Issue 13: Political Economy of the Internet
Internet edition is released
How will the horizon of communicating through Internet open up before us?
The rapidly developing Internet will be considered from political, economic
and social aspects to verify our future outlook.

#1995 Spring
Issue 12: e-TEXT....The Matrix of Electronic Language
Internet edition is released
Writing, sound, and iconography on the Net, surpassing verbal traditions, are
showing that we're already left the Guttenberg Galaxy and moved into the
Turing Galaxy. (And beyond?)

#1995 Winter
Issue 11: Body/Performance
Internet edition is released
The development and intrusion of technology has changed both conceptual and
actual senses of the body. The body as a space, and a perceptual, and
representative system into the coming century.

#1994 Autumn
Issue 10: Transfigured Sight: Vision and the Digital Image
Internet edition is released
The impact of digital visualization technologies do not end with the image.
Electronic realism and visualization technologies call for changes in society
itself, where seeing is no longer believing.

#1994 Summer
Issue 9: Tuning Forks....Technologies of Sound and Music
Internet edition is released
A collection of musical genres, art experiments, engineering and research
reports speak on the roles of sound in mediating communication, and
sound=music in artistic and scientific integration.

#1994 Spring
Issue 8: Hypernetwork Communication
Internet edition is released
A computer plugged into a network changes from a machine that manipulates
symbols to one that distributes them. What informational ecologies will be
available to we, the terminal citizens?

#1994 Winter
Issue 7: Interactive Art
Internet edition is released
Are technological "immersive" art works reality generator interfaces?
Questions of interactivity follow through a geneaology of interactive art leading
up to and including the contemporary avant garde.

#1993 Autumn
Issue 6: Artificial Life
Internet edition is released
To ask whether or not AL is a life form is to beg the question. Rather, the real
issue is whether we should be using "life" as a metaphor in exploring these
"bottom up" phenomena. To what place is reality consigned as we challenge
issue of existence through AL?

#1993 Summer
Issue 5: Infotropolis
Internet edition is released
Does the contemporary city's informational infrastructure encourage its
development and reproduction, or merely dispossess it of the space-time
continuum which gave it form? Exploring digital information networks and
proposing models.

#1993 Spring
Issue 4:Landscapes in Time
Internet edition is released
From the numbered days of linear time, or assymetrical, irreversable time
flows to a multitude of different times. Tracking the coordinates of
contemporary time theory in new media technologies intersecting our lives,
opening perceptual fissures and assynchronizing us.

#1993 Winter
Issue 3: Cyberspace
Internet edition is released
An exploration into the problems of symbiosis and schizophrenia for we who
simultaneously exist inbetween internal biomechanisms and the
other-dimensional worlds of computer generated information.

#1992 Autumn
Issue 2: The Organism as an Information System
Internet edition is released
Mapping the increasingly transparent [life form] as an informational body,
genetic recorder and reproduction mechanism, according to the newest in life
sciences, psychology, science fiction, and modern art.

#1992 Summer
Issue 1: TransPort:Velo-City or Cultural Shifts in
Internet edition is released
Explorations of spatial movement, speed machines, from the history of
traveling apparatus to motion in architecture, art, fiction, fantasy and science
fiction, vehicles, paradigms of migration and residence, and conceptions of

#1992 Spring
Issue 0: Frontiers of Communication
Internet edition is released
Quarterly InterCommunication was launched with a theme central to all of the
ICC's activities. Namely, the potential of media and communication for
rewriting physical sensibilities in an electronic information networked society.

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