ICC Kids Program 2010 "What Sounds Do We Hear?"

Let's Become Sound

People Moving Around the Exhibition Hall Become Sound You Can Hear Them!
“Space-out” 2010
Qosmo (TOKUI Nao + SAWAI Taeji + Alexander REEDER)

“Space-out” is an interactive three-dimensional acoustic work that utilizes space. A viewer holding a small device moves freely around the exhibit area, causing music to be generated. Enjoy the unique music generated by the distances between participants, subtle positioning relationships, and bodily motion and that can only be heard in the moment/place.
Equipment cooperation: Fostex Company


This group comprises TOKUI Nao, SAWAI Taeji, and Alexander REEDER three people with completely different backgrounds. From computers and mobile telephones to construction and clothing, they combine various media in search of the potential of new expressions. Past Exhibition / Event (TOKUI Nao)
Past Exhibition / Event (SAWAI Taeji)