ICC Kids Program 2010 "What Sounds Do We Hear?"

Let's Look at the Shapes of Sounds

What Kind of Shape Does Sound Have?
“Harmonograph Visualization of Musical Intervals, Entertainment in the 19th Century” 2006/10

The harmonograph is a device for visualizing chords, which are harmonious balances between sound oscillations, by drawing the trajectory of the motion of a pendulum (oscillations). The harmonograph was invented in the 19th century and is said to have been very popular at social parties during mainly the Victorian era. In this exhibit, chords that were only imagined for the original harmonograph are made audible using sine curves, enabling you to experience multiple periodic oscillations with both your eyes and ears.
Production: NAKANO Mabito, USHIJIMA Daigo, KIMURA Ryota, SAKATA Kikyu, JUNG Manyoung, NAGEISHI Kohji, Moritz FEHR
Sound: FURUKAWA Kiyoshi
Software: MATSUMOTO Yuichi
Cooperation: ISHIKAWA Tomoya, KAWASAKI Yoshihiro


This group of creators comprises students from the Furukawa Laboratory in the Department of Inter Media, Tokyo University of the Arts. With their diverse range of specialty fields, the students undertake multidirectional collaboration.