ICC Kids Program 2010 "What Sounds Do We Hear?"

Let's Explore a Garden of Sounds

Let's Focus on Sounds that Change as They Move
“Adventuron Gamelan” 2010
Generative Music Workshop (KANEKO Tomotaro + JO Kazuhiro)

In the 1970s sound artist Richard LERMAN devised the “Travelon Gamelon: Music for Bicycles,” a bicycle frame with microphones attached that makes gamelan-like metallic sounds when it moves. He has performed with the “Travelon Gamelon” with many participants throughout the world. Inspired by the “Travelon Gamelon,” for this exhibition various bumps and materials have been placed on the floor of the display area, creating a garden of adventure where children can listen to the sounds that they make as they ride in a vehicle. Permission has been recieved from Richard LERMAN for the adaptation of this work. Cooperation: Richard LERMAN
Materials cooperation:

Generative Music Workshop

This workshop is part of a series overseen by JO Kazuhiro and KANEKO Tomotaro in which classical generative music masterpieces are “reproduced.” Based on the idea that once the rules and equipment have been arranged, music that leaves the hands of its creator and reproduces by itself = generative music, this workshop aims to “reproduce” classical works and reconsider their modern significance. This project began in April 2010, and such works as Steve REICH’s “Pendulum Music” (1968) and Alvin LUCIER’s “Music On a Long Thin Wire” (1977) are being “reproduced.”