"Monalisa: shadow of your sound"
NAGANO Norihisa + JO Kazuhiro
Information-Technology Promotion Agency(IPA), Japan FY2005 IPA Exploratory Software Project
"Monalisa" is software that enables you to "see the sound and hear the image." What do the sounds we usually hear look like? How do the images we see actually sound? This software allows inter-conversion between visual and auditory perception. As computers record any information with just 0s and 1s, they handle both sound and image equally as "information." This software may present a new sound and image perception, which mirrors the advanced information-intensive world of today.

Supported by: Karl Willis, and International Media Research Foundation

This work was developed under the support of FY2005 IPA Exploratory Software Project (Project Manager: KITANO Hiroaki) provided by Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA).