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March 7 (Friday) - March 23 (Sunday), 2003


"ICC Workshops on Workshops"

Date: March 22 (Saturday), 2:00pm - 5:00pm [Finished]
Venue: Gallery A
Admission: 800Yen Membership 400Yen, audience limited to 150

IWAI Toshio, UEDA Nobuyuki, KARIYADO Toshibumi
Now, in the transition period from industrial society to information society, the paradigms we had taken for granted are changing. In the post-paradigm-shift world, all the unstated assumptions on which we operate seem ill defined and complex. A paradigm shift is also looming in the areas of communication and learning. We are seeking to liberate ourselves from one-way communication and learning a la quality control, in which learning is equated with merely meeting preset standards. The shift, while liberating, is also disorienting: feelings of emptiness and derision tinge what we seek to communicate and learn. Perhaps we ourselves are being driven to undergo a shift as well. This symposium, reviewing our four days of workshops, will consider how this paradigm shift in the nature of knowledge is affecting communication and learning.
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Symposium will be broadcasted on the internet.
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IWAI Toshio UEDA Nobuyuki

KARIYADO Toshibumi