Participating Artists

March 7 (Friday) - March 23 (Sunday), 2003

Since its founding, ICC has engaged in a multifaceted exploration of the effects the digital media are having on individuals and on society. The closing years of the twentieth century saw the Internet change the world, while digital media swiftly transformed the context in which we live our lives. What will this new century bring? Frontiers of Communication is planned as an arena in which to reassess media and communication in the twenty-first century, through symposia, workshops, and an exhibition of artwork. That reassessment will form the basis on which to redesign new communication interfaces.
Each of the three genres of experience making up Frontiers of Communication is positioned at a different point on the dimension of time: past, present, and future.

The exhibition of artwork: Introducing distinctive work from the ICC collection that has emerged as new means of expression in the past five years.

The workshops: An experiential approach to gaining deeper understanding of what is being done now under the rubric of creative expression.

The symposia: Discussions and debates over possibilities for new means of expression, in a symposium or talk format.

Visitors are invited not only to view the works of art but also to deepen their experience by participating in workshops and symposia, to survey new ways of communication that conquer new frontiers.