What's InterCommunication?

Amidst the countdown to the 21st century, the InterCommunication Center is a locus for experiments in interfacing scientific technology with artistic culture for the coming electronic
information network oriented society. Quarterly InterCommunication is one of these experiments, in
printed communications culture. Especially today, as scientific technologies and artistic culture are in unprecedented inter-communication, Quarterly InterCommunication resources the world of their creation.


An series of discussions on modern artistic culture between host, architect Mr.ISOZAKI Arata, and an eclectic international group of guests.

The magazine's "museum section," a global perspective on the activities of the creativeleading-edge.

A continuing analytical document of symposia, events, research meetings, and exhibitions going on worldwide.

Communication Frontier
Unique essays born from from coexistences between artistic culture and scientific technology.

Book, record, theatrical, cinematic, video game, and multimedia software reviews with a fresh,
multidisciplinary touch.

Reports from the NTT Information Culture Forum, modelling structures and perspectives for the
new electronic information network society.

Experimental art and communication theory developing from media technology.

Reports from around the globe on the leading edge of electronic media, cyberculture, and digital art.

Important people, projects, and themes taken from the forefront of technological developments

Hot themes from the realms of hard science in a report and interview format.

Deep philosophical examinations of telephones, electronic mail, and other communications media
from historical and other perspectives.

Project ICC
Reports on the ICC's exhibitions, research projects, events, workshops, and other activities.

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