InterCommunication No.12 1995
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"Ninohashi Renga" Inspiration Network
A Linked-Image Talk Session

ANZAI Toshihiro (QT Movie,459KB,28sec.)
NAKAMURA Rieko (QT Movie,237KB,14sec.)
MIYAKE Naomi (QT Movie,598KB,37sec.)
ISHII Hiroshi (QT Movie,902KB,56sec.)

"Ninohashi Renga" Inspiration Network

"Renga" (linked picture) is a coinage derived from "Renga" (linked poem), which refers to a poem composed of lines written and linked by more than two persons. Its form has now changed from poem to graphical communication via a network. "Renga" was started by two artists, Toshihiro Anzai and Rieko Nakamura who coincidentally found someone else's image on a terminal screen and added their own ideas to it. Their work has rapidly developed into a multi-task through the international CG art exhibition "SIGGRAPH '94" held last summer as well as via ICC workshops. Now "Renga" which depends on being linked presents a new form of communication.

Photo OTAKA Takashi

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