"Low-vision" 2009 SHIGETA Yusuke
This is an animation of a myth in a constellation, such as Hercules and Perseus, drawn with the smallest size of pixels* on high-vision display screens of various sizes, including some small and large ones. In order to view this work, the viewers must make a proactive effort to observe the expression of the pixels that compose the animation images by bringing their eyes close to the screens, or by using a magnifying glass. Animation support: TERAO Takumi, FUNAKOSHI Yusuke

Let's decipher animated stories using a magnifying glass.

*pixel: A pixel is the smallest individual dot that can be drawn on a computer display. It is the smallest unit of an image, and the resolution of an image determines the number of pixels. For example, an image at a resolution of 640X480 consists of 307,200 pixels. "Gaso" (a picture element) is translated as a pixel in English. (Source: 2008-2009 Latest Personal Computer Terminology Dictionary, Gijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.)