"the Way Sensing GO +" 2009 MANABE Daito + ISHIBASHI Motoi + HORIO Kanta +
With this work, you can enjoy developments of the chain reactions* that are generated by devices through "input → process → output" structures, created by hacking familiar household electrical appliances and toys, as well as by the composition of visual images. This work has been produced by the participants of the workshops that took place prior to the exhibition as well as the artists themselves. A chain of ideas contributed by many people has been used in the creation of each work. *chain reaction: (1) Physics a self-sustaining under nuclear reaction, esp. one in which a neutron from a fission reaction initiates a series of these reactions. (2) a series of events, each caused by the previous one. (Source: THE CONCISE OXFORD DICTIONARY, CLARENDON ⋅ OXFORD) Equipment cooperation: Kobe Design University

Let's observe how energies are transformed into sound, movement, light, visual images, etc., and experience the kaleidoscope of ideas.

Workshop production cooperation: Clear Gallery
Workshop participants: KAJII Yuusuke / KIMOTO Keisuke / SANO Masakazu / SUKI Jarashi / TAJIMA Yoshimi / TADA Hitomi / Thomas TELANDRO / TOGA Yuta / HASEGAWA Shouhei / HATANO Yasuhiro / HAYASHI Masahiro / FUJIOKA Sadam / FUJIMOTO Naoaki / Susanna HERTRICH / HORII Satoshi / MATSUMURA Seiichiro / MAMIYA Asami / Moch / YAMAUCHI Hiroshi / YAMAGUCHI Takahiro / Zachary LIEBERMAN