March 11 (Tue.) - March 14 (Fri.)
March 18 (Tue.) - March 21 (Fri.)
Participating Artists

March 7 (Friday) - March 23 (Sunday), 2003


Workshop on Workshop - A Workshop on the Meaning of Workshops and how to Conduct Them

Date: March 18 (Tuesday) "Workshop Dress Rehearsals"
OKI Yuriko, KARIYADO Toshibumi

Date: March 19 (Wednesday) "In the Brain's Mirror the Heart Flowers"
UEMURA Tomohiro, OKI Yuriko, KARIYADO Toshibumi

Date: March 20 (Thursday) "Brush Box Exhibition"
UEDA Nobuyuki, KARIYADO Toshibumi, SATO Yuka

Date: March 21 (Friday) "Iwai Toshio Kids"
IWAI Toshio, UEDA Nobuyuki, OKI Yuriko, KARIYADO Toshibumi

Date: March 18 (Tuesday) - March 21 (Friday), 1:30pm - 5:00pm [Finished]
Venue: Gallery A
Admission: Gallery B admission / Adults 300 Yen
unrestricted participation
These workshops will introduce the role of media workshops as sites for learning using a simple, three-tiered beginners' workshop format. The three-tiered format begins with a creative core workshop, continues with a workshop explaining its extensions, and concludes with a meta-workshop, further extending the lessons learned. The workshop on the 18th will reveal the preparations required for carrying out an effective workshop. On the 19th to 21st, starting at 1:30pm, there will be workshops for elementary school students, with a different program each day. Participants will gain understanding of the workshops through the facilitators and second-tier explanations. A mini workshop will also be held, starting at 4:00pm, for those interested in participating.
Live on the Internet
Workshop will be broadcasted on the internet.

Workshop Dress Rehearsals

In the Brain's Mirror the Heart Flowers
Brush Box Exhibition
Iwai Toshio Kids