March 11 (Tue.) - March 14 (Fri.)
March 18 (Tue.) - March 21 (Fri.)
Participating Artists

March 7 (Friday) - March 23 (Sunday), 2003


Media Art Research Center Workshop: "Space and Body: Process and Loop"

Date: March 11 (Tuesday) - March 14 (Friday), 1:00pm - 5:00pm [Finished]
Venue: Gallery A
Admission: Gallery B admission / Adults 300 Yen
unrestricted participation

Media Art Research Center, Information Design Department, Tama Art University, ICHIKAWA Sota, MIKAMI Seiko, YAMAKAWA Fuyuki
"Space and Body: Process and Loop" is a workshop in which visitors to the ICC may participate; it is presented in conjunction with an installation created by students at the Media Art Research Center in the latter half of 2002. Participants in the workshop, which is premised on the installation, will be guided by Media Art Research Center Assistant Professor Mikami Seiko and other professors of architecture and media art through the process of creating a work of art. The installation, created through several different processes, consists of a huge roller illustration the loop from idea generation to removal, a loop of programming images, arranged in a circle, a huge paper loop on which a printer prints out computer- or scanner-generated errors, a visual loop of multilevel screens and actual spaces, an interactive loop communicating the existence of a "world" through collisions and chains of "realia," and a voice performance loop that creates an acoustic space through vibrating interior bodily spaces. The participants may create fragments of looping works in which the processes act on each other at various levels during the workshop, to compose them into a space.
Live on the Internet
Workshop will be broadcasted on the internet.

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