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December 20 (Friday), 2002 - February 23 (Sunday), 2003 Gallery A, B, 5F Lobby


"Jewish Museum Berlin"
(1999 / Berlin, Germany)

Photo: Bitter+Bredt
Photo: Bitter+Bredt

Between the Lines--Names from the Memory Book of Berlin

In the exhibit space, a portion of the "Gedenkbuch (Memorial Book)" inscribed with the names of the exterminated Jews has been reproduced on the walls and floor.

Libeskind's representative work, a concrete architectural expression of the tragedy for humankind that was the Holocaust. Its complex linear configuration is determined by the formless form of the Void [cutting through its central axis]. The Void is what appears between the lines, indicative not of nihilism, oblivion, and despair−but of hope for the future of humanity.

Text in quotation marks is taken from the catalogue
The Fifth Hiroshima Art Prize: Daniel Libeskind,
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, 2002.

Jewish Museum Berlin
Studio Daniel Libeskind