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December 20 (Friday), 2002 - February 23 (Sunday), 2003 Gallery A, B, 5F Lobby


"Extension to the Denver Art Museum"
(2005 / Denver, USA)

Photo: W. O'Connor, Denver Art Museum
Photo: Miller Hare, London

Two Lines Going for a Walk--Magnetic Field East West

The Extension to the Denver Art Museum is placed in the center of the exhibit space, within bold lines depicting a magnetic field of plus and minus signs pulling against each other.

The project is the expansion of an existing art museum, intended to display modern and contemporary art and other collections. Its innovative titanium-clad exterior will function as an icon attracting the public to the museum, which will become a symbol of the cultural energy of the city.

* Text in quotation marks is taken from the catalogue
The Fifth Hiroshima Art Prize: Daniel Libeskind,
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, 2002.

Denver Art Museum
Studio Daniel Libeskind