DOT-COM is a project utilizing the functions of both sound sequencer and dot paint program on the Web. One of the breakthrough technologies which allowed for the explosion which is the World Wide Web was the GUI browser allowing for hyperlinked structures of multimedia data. Within a context that can be described as the greatest new leap into literacy since the advent of the book, it is important that we rigorously depict the potentials for non-verbal communication.
DOT-COM is an exploration of communication using dots. Using the check boxes found on the sequencer program, the user depicts dot images which may be sound portraits, or sound structures which may be dot pictures. The user has access to a drum machine, base line, and chordal parts available on the sequencer. These can also be ignored in order to concentrate on making a dot image. The finished works can be stored on the Web for others to listen to/view later.
The system that YASAKA and SUNAHARA are proposing here is a prototype for those of the future that will allow for on-line audio visual performance.