Mitsuhiro TAKEMURA
(Assistant Professor at Kyoto University of Art)

A skin-like network of electronic nerves covering the earth,cyberspace is now spurring a change of the greatest proportions in the formation of our communications and community. Artists sensitively physicalize the new cultural and social contexts evoked by the digital network. The art which takes shape in the digital museum -- as content free from the material subjugation and material history we have inherited, and indeed even in terms of its very generational process -- bears a profound relation to omnipresence of the Web. The aesthetics of cyberspace will surely re-design the human desire which has been unleashed upon the real world, and search out a new model for form. As a sensual experience of expanding digital metier, the Web aims for the synthesis of the conscious and the unconscious. At the boundary between the real world and cybersapce, at times there are sure to be multilayered interweavings of pleasure and conflict. The very context evoked by these chasms in the net may in fact provide the impetus for examining the state of art forms and museums of the future. Perhaps we are fantasizing about a sort of "museum by induction"through one-time encounters with the solid states of innumerable minds and perceptions circulating over broad expanses. The design of informationentrusted to communication links all interiors and exteriors. As inter-formation, as interval, this design will surely need to mature. on the Web is the first stage of an attempt to navigate the forms of communication from the rapidly expanding Internet towards the direction of digital aesthetics.

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