(performances by the artist will be held several times each day. Visitors are also invited to participate and experience this work.) Images will be projected onto a bed placed in a dark room. Under the impression that these images are video recordings, those who approach the bed will be surprised to see a figure in the images inviting them to come closer, whereupon they realize that they are witnessing not a video installation, but rather a live network performance. As the audience themselves enter into the video images synthesized by chroma-key (screen synthesizing technology), they will be offered a dream-like and surrealistic experience. The technological aspect of telecommunications disappears, making way for the manifestation of communication itself. This work offers the audience a premonition: just as "language," a technology for understanding the world, is invisible to the eye, the technology of "telecommunications" is on the way to becoming transparent.

*(This work does not feature a performance by the artist. Visitors will be able to participate freely in the work.) Sitting on a sofa placed in the exhibition site and looking at the television ahead, one sees oneself on the screen sitting next to a stranger. Video images from another exhibition site, sent via ISDN connection, are being synthesized by chroma-key and broadcast on the tv monitor. Through mutual participation and free movement, the person on the sofa will be able to interact with a distant party. By interfacing the daily modern activity of sitting on a sofa and watching tv, this work enables us to experience the sensation of a completely natural tele-presence.

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