InterCommunication No.12 1995

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"Sense-Abilities" by TAHO Ritsuko
Karen AUDE


"Sense-Abilities" triumphed as a collaborative effort among sculptor Ritsuko Taho who was invited from Boston and five persons with disabilities. As its title suggests, "Sense-Abilities" challenged the boundaries of human sensibility in ways far beyond many other, more traditionally groomed, gallery installations.The poignant exhibition proffered moving text and visuals to explore the emotional and psychological context within which both physically challenged and (ostensibly) non-physically challenged people confront their universe.At all times, art is enriching to those who willing embrace the experience. Sometimes, art is a gift. Thanks to Ritsuko Taho and collaborators, "Sense-Abilities" is both.

"Sense-Abilities" Hall (Japanese)


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