InterCommunication No.12 1995

Go Japanese
I am "OUT" therefore I am
Performance "S/N" by dumb type


<S/N> is an art piece that walks on the tightrope ("/") between 'Art' and non-Art. It performs the miracle of making "real" the questioning of the raison d'etre of the 'Art' that could lose everything by a small slip. We usually understand art within the domain of so-called 'Art' as a "conspiracy of silence" and then 'artistically' communicate. However, <S/N> openly challenges these kinds of 'artistic' doldrums. It penetrates the viewer and attempts to communicate through the action of "outing" from 'Art.'

Not only art, but all communication in society is established through the assignments ("IN") of the "pact" = rules. <S/N> breaks through the walls of invisible and "silent" disciplines and wants 'US' to "OUT" together and to "love each other" by achieving "OUT" itself.

Love as "OUT," love as courage = kindness to the 'OUTSIDE' and 'OTHERS,' these are what are lacking in this country where the people keep complaining about their "depression" even while at the same time holding all the happiness of the world and being numbed by it.

I am "OUT." Therefore I am.

This Document is Japanese Only.

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