"Gift" 1980
"Unformed Symbols" 2006
Date: May 23 - September 13, 2015 [Finished]

"Gift" 1980

"Unformed Symbols" 2006

A stop motion animation video of playing cards is projected from the ceiling onto a rectangular table top, on the short sides of which a pair of speakers is arranged facing each other. Multiple cards appear from where the speakers are, and move around at varying speed as if attuned to the sounds from the speakers. At the same time, a real set of playing cards is placed on the table, which the viewer can touch and move.

Created back in 2006, "Unformed Symbols" is not an interactive work, but the combination of images of playing cards with real cards on a table induces interaction between the work and the viewer.
In "Gift," made in 1980 for his friends' wedding party, two elements - moving stones, and moving pictures on them - are expressed within one single animation.

Between 1973 and 1984, FUJIHATA produced animated works using a variety of techniques such as 8 mm film, video and computer graphics among others. He considers the works made at a time when such imaging techniques were in the middle of a dramatic evolution to be "origins that connect in various ways with [his] present work." The reexamination from a contemporary point of view of such works made in a different age is an attempt to reevaluate the artist's endeavors from a new perspective.

FUJIHATA Masaki Profile
Born 1956. Has been working in the realms of computer graphics and animation since the early 1980s, after which he switched to sculpting using computers, before creating a number of interactive works from the '90s on. Today he is internationally recognized as a leading figure in the field of media art, and continues to explore the relationship between art and science through different approaches. "Beyond Pages" and "Field-Works" are two of his best-known works. He published numerous books including "Art and Computer" and "Fukanzen na Genjitsu (Incomplete Reality)" among others.
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Symposium "Anarchive N°6–MASAKI FUJIHATA"
Panelist: Anne-Marie DUGUET, IRIE Keiichi, ISHIDA Hidetaka, FUJIHATA Masaki
Date: Friday, March 4, 2016, 6:30pm - [Finished]
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Channel ICC

Interview with the artist is available in Podcast "Channel ICC."
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FUJIHATA Masaki "Electric Shadows," "Portray the Silhouette" Date: September 15, 2015 - March 6, 2016
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