"Crab Leg Denrin Tower"

"Denrin Tower" 2015 (Reference)

Tube TV monitors embedded in a tower that looks like a crab's leg show various stripe patterns, while radios placed around them emit different types of sounds in rhythmical synchronization with the visual patterns.

The visuals are created by directly feeding audio signals into the monitors' video input terminals, whereas the width of the stripe patterns changes according to the audio signals' frequency. It is commonly known that tube TV monitors radiate small amounts of electromagnetic rays, as do flashlights mounted to the top of the tower. The radios receive the electromagnetic waves from the monitors and flashlights and convert them into sounds. Although only one type of audio signal is used, a variety of tones can be extracted from it depending on aspects such as the positions of the radios' tuning dials, their individual features, and their distance from the "denrin" tower.

The work is part of the current "Electronicos Fantasticos!" project in which the artist, who rebuilds old electrical appliances into musical instruments, aims to ultimately form one orchestra by involving a variety of people in the creation of new musical instruments and performance methods. This piece was conceived as a giant rhythm machine for which Wada invites visitors/performers to walk with radios at varying distances around several "Crab Leg Denrin Towers," and thereby mix sounds in the exhibition space. Exhibited this time is a version of the work at an early experimental stage.

WADA Ei Profile
Born 1987. Musician/artist. In pursuit of new ways of musical performance, he has been creating and performing works of art and music by rebuilding old electrical appliances, while also incorporating computers. In 2009, he formed the Open Reel Ensemble "performing" music on open-reel tape recorders, and is also active as part of the Braun Tube Jazz Band, a project dedicated to "playing" tube TV sets like keyboard/percussion instruments. Many of his works are currently being performed or exhibited at places in Japan and abroad.
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Interview with the artist is available in Podcast "Channel ICC."
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