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"Exploring Life at Open Space"

metaPhorest (Waseda University BioAesthetics Platform)

IWASAKI Hideo (Professor and the Head of Laboratory for Molecular Cell Network & Biomedia Art at Waseda University), FUKUHARA Shiho + Georg TREMMEL (BCL), Juan Manuel CASTRO, SAITO Hanna, ISHIBASHI Tomoya
Moderator: HATANAKA Minoru (ICC)

Date: October 6 (Sun.), 2013, 2:00pm - [Finished]
Venue: ICC 4F special stage
Capacity: 150 persons (first-come basis)
Admission free

Live on the Internet
Event will be Broadcasted on RealPlayer and Ustream on the Internet.


⇒ metaPhorest (Waseda University BioAesthetics Platform) 'BioAesthetics Open Lab.'
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Installation shot: 'BioAesthetics Open Lab.' 2013 #01
photo: KIOKU Keizo
'BioAesthetics Open Lab.' #01
IWASAKI Hideo "Culturing <Paper>cut" 2013
photo: KIOKU Keizo

  • IWASAKI Hideo
  • FUKUHARA Shiho + Georg TREMMEL (BCL)
  • Juan Manuel CASTRO
  • SAITO Hanna
  • ISHIBASHI Tomoya
  • HATANAKA Minoru (ICC)