Focusing once again on architect ISOZAKI Arata, who supervised the ICC opening exhibition "The Mirage City: Another Utopia" back in 1997, "ISOZAKI Arata: SOLARIS*" was conceived as an occasion for discussing new urban models beyond previous architectural and urban design theories. While tracing back the transitions of Isozaki's urban planning projects from the 1960s up to the present, the exhibition showcases a work-in-progress that keeps transforming with the involvement of multiple participants. This is done on the foundation of Isozaki's latest project, "Zhengzhou City", which is presently underway in China, and was also featured in "Run after Deer!" as part of the Venice Architecture Biennale at Palazzo Bembo in 2012. The program further includes workshops and discussions aiming to realize media artists' proposals of the city as a festive space, exploring ideas of the city in this age of advanced computerization, while attempting to establish it as a dynamic "urban form apparatus".

* "Solaris": Stanislaw LEM's science fiction novel published in the heyday of space exploration in 1961. Adapted by Andrei TARKOVSKY in 1972, "Solaris" became a milestone in the realm of science fiction movies that still enjoys a high reputation today.