ICC 10th Anniversary Session Series Vol.2
Symposium series "Media Technology and the Emergence of New 'Knowledge'"

Date : June 9(Sat.),16(Sat.),23(Sat.) 2007 2:00pm-5:00pm
Venue : ICC Gallery A
Capacity : 250 persons(first-come basis)
Admission : Free
*Japanese only

Live on the Internet
Symposium Event will be broadcasted on the internet. (only in Japanese)[Finished.]

June 9(Sat.)
"Potentials of the Interface: Surfing the edges of creation"
Panelists : GUNJI Pegio-Yukio, OKAZAKI Kenjiro, YANAIHARA Mikuni
June 16(Sat.)
"The Future in Archives: Data reorganized"
Panelists : ISHIDA Hidetaka, MINAKA Nobuhiro, NAKATANI Norihito
June 23(Sat.)
"Networks Now: How worlds can be connected"
Panelists: BABA Masataka, MASUDA Naoki, NAKAJIMA Kengo