Shadow Play Performance
"elephant ant man"
HANA * JOSS(shadow play, gamelan)
HAYAKAWA Takahiro (animation)
MATSUMOTO Yuichi (direction)

Performance of traditional Indonesian shadow play with music and animation. The play is inspired by Indonesian Paper, Rock, and Scissors*. With a use of animation and Java gamelan music, the play tells a mystical tale of elephant, ant, and man.

*Uses Elephant, Ant, and Man. Elephant beats Man, Man beats ant, and Ant beats Elephant.

Date : Auguet 11(Sat.) 13:00-14:00, 15:00-15:30 [Finished.]
Venue : 4F special event space
Admission Free
Capacity : 200 persons / each showing (first-come basis)

Supported by Nagoya University of Art