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HACHIYA Kazuhiko, who was born in 1966, has created an innovative group of works related to communication and realizing one's dreams. Earlier works include "Inter Dis-Communication Machine" (1993), a pair of devices that exchange points of view between two persons, so that the wearers see through each other's eyes, and "AirBoard" (1999, 2001), a jet-powered, real-life version of the hoverboard seen in the film "Back to the Future". He also proposed the "PostPet" e-mail software and provides direction for its development. His career as an artist in the inventor mode has made HACHIYA a well-known media artist.

HACHIYA launched OpenSky in 2003 as a project to create a single-person flying machine. The project is currently progressing towards its ultimate goal of achieving a feasible personal jet glider. Phase one was the basic design of the craft and experiments with a model of it; phase two was experimental production of the actual craft and trial flights at low altitudes. The project is about to enter phase 3, manned flight with the glider equipped with a jet engine.

This exhibition will focus on the OpenSky project, presenting the model and full-scale craft, its concept, and a vast collection of video recordings of experiments to date. It will also allow visitors to experience the flight simulator and the sounds of the jet engine in a multifaceted presentation that provides a comprehensive view of the project.

What seemed the dream of individual flight is, as the OpenSky project demonstrates, achievable precisely through a single person's creation of this aircraft. In doing so, the artist frees the idea of soaring through the skies at will from the realm of fantasy.