What if everyday objects created a musical score?

Scrapple is a performance and/or installation in which everyday objects placed on a table are interpreted as sound-producing marks in an "active score." Put another way, the Scrapple system scans a table surface as if it were a kind of music notation, producing music in real-time from any objects lying there. The installation makes use of a variety of playful forms; in particular, long flexible curves allow for the creation of melodies, while an assemblage of simple felt shapes, small objects and windup children's toys yield ever-changing rhythms. Video projections on the Scrapple table transform the surface into a simple augmented reality, in which the objects placed by users are elaborated through luminous and explanatory graphics. The table produces an audio loop about 4 seconds long, allowing participants to experiment freely with tangible, interactive audiovisual composition.

Afternoon Concert by using "Scrapple"