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January 22(Sat.)
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January 21(Friday) - March 21(Monday), 2005 Gallery A, B, 5F Lobby, Entrance Lobby

Media online : Software Art / Net Art / Community

When the Internet emerged as a new information environment for society at large, in the latter half of the 1990s, artists, activists, and hackers took the lead in experimenting with it. Since then, in step with the swift development of technology, the Internet has become a standard part of society, and a vast outpouring of new forms of expression and participatory projects that incorporate other viewpoints and possibilities of the Internet has been produced. By terminals, we introduce works and projects that were particularly important points in the developmental history of the Internet over the past decade, grouping them into three categories: Net Art, Community, and Software Art. In considering them, we should not forget that, while based on the Internet, these projects were not exclusively online events; they fostered actual encounters and interactions between people, promoting forms of collaboration that went beyond the limits of what had been possible.
Some sites are not displayed because they no longer exist at all or have changed significantly. The exhibition catalog, however, presents those sites as they were during their period of seminal contributions to Internet-related art.

Selector of Net Art :Tilman BAUMGERTEL
Selector of Software Art :Alexei SHULGIN
Selector of Community :Geert LOVINK
Supervising Selector :SHIKATA Yukiko
Interface Design and Technical Support :KOMACHIYA Kei, KUNIHARA Yoshihiro

Participating Artists of Media online
Link to each work will be done by March 1.

Software Art
Harold Cohen / Michael Janoschek & Rudiger Schloemer / Neil Gavigan / Adrian Ward / joreg / Tom Betts / RSG(Radical Software Group) / Gabor Papp / David MacKay, Inference Group, Cavendish Laboratory/ Snoogles / exonemo / Sam Woolf / Greg Hewgill / I/O/D / Karlheinz Essl / Jason Freeman / Move Design / slateford / liz / mez / Joan Leandre / Eldar Karhalev & Ivan Khimin / Jodi / Erik Thiele / Douwe Osinga Ubermorgen.com / Lee Semel / Golan Levin

Net Art
Jodi / Mark Napie / exonemo / Vuk Cosic / etoy / John F. Simon, Jr. / Muntadas / Alexei Shulgin / Christophe Bruno / Douwe Osinga / Olia Lialina / 0100101110101101.org / Komar & Melamid / doubleNegatives / Heath Bunting / Tom Corby, Gavin Baily / Alexei Shulgin et al. / Richard Airlie and Ian Morrison / Richard Kriesche / LAN / Holger Friese / Annemarie Schleiner et al. / Douglas Davis / Yes Men

bootlab / Bytes for all / Creative Commons (CC) / Dorkbot / EFF / empyre / faces / fibreculture / indymedia (Independent Media Center) / ISEA / metamute / nettime-l / neural.it / Oekonux / Processing / Public Netbase / Readme / Rhizome / Sarai / Slashdot / spectre / Thing, The / V2 / Waag Society / Wizards of OS / Xchange