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January 21(Friday) - March 21(Monday), 2005 Gallery A, B, 5F Lobby, Entrance Lobby


The words "Media Art" came into common usage at the start of the 1990s, yet to many the field remains unfamiliar. Still, with Media Art attracting increasing interest in recent years, many exhibitions and festivals have been held, and more and more universities have established specialized courses in the field.
The last decade or so has also seen a major transformation through so many persons?o? acquiring computers as tools for individual creativity. The global order sustained during the Cold War has collapsed, and movements in politics, economics, criticism and art that crosscut what had been closed domains have flourished.
This exhibition thus takes 1989 as its starting point in introducing the current state of the media art movement.
Since there is still no strict definition of Media Art, which keeps expanding into a variety of fields, this exhibition is devoted to exploring its potential and its distinctive features. The works included make use of video, computers, sound-generating equipment, the Internet and wireless networks. They cover, in a wide variety of styles, interactive art, sound art, and works related to the body and to urban issues.
Continuing advances in technology give birth to new media. Imperceptibly, media using new technology reshape our everyday behavior and perceptions, and most of us are hardly aware of what is happening. Artists, however, probe more deeply, searching for media characteristics and roles. They notice what the rest of us do not; they also have the ability to discover new media's potentials. Media Art is, then, the product of ceaseless encounters between the media and artistic creativity.