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June 21 (Friday) - August 11 (Sunday), 2002 Gallery A, B


In the art world, a work of art is called an "art piece." The word "piece" designates a thing that actually exists, but since software creations exist only as binary data, calling them an "art piece" does not suit well. Substituting "bit" for "piece," we have decided to call such a work an "art bit."
In the case of software, which is used as a medium, material, tool, and environment for art, it is necessary to know the conditions of the "art bit"; under the present circumstances, however, when the market is glutted with high-performance application software, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stretch the individual's imaginative powers. Some people have even become convinced that no new software is needed beyond what already exists. Software ought not to be simply a tool that allows us to imitate actual operations and rationalize routine work. We must delve down and discover new possibilities that are latent in software and experiment with them through trial and error as "art bits."
The present "art.bit collection" exhibit brings together and displays works that explore software possibilities in this sense -- programming language (especially visual programming language and language environment software for computer music), network community (software available on the Internet for creating and exhibiting artwork), software for visualization for the World Wide Web, new application software, and interactive works.
Although we cannot perhaps say that these art bits have as yet evolved into major works in this sense, we can say that each of them contains a "bit of art" that shows extraordinary creativity.
The "art.bit collection" exhibit is a collection of software-based works full of "bits of art."