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Programing Day "Enjoy Visual Programing I"

Symposium "Visual Programming"

Programming Day "Enjoy Visual Programming II"

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For Participate in Workshop
June 21 (Friday) - August 11 (Sunday), 2002 Gallery A, B

For Participate in Workshop

Enjoy the computer programming !

We will held the Workshop "Programming Day" for computer programming for childrens.
If you want to participate in Workshop, please send an application by e-mail or FAX to ICC with following list. [Finished]

1. Name of Workshop
2. Applicant(s) name
3. Applicant(s) age
4. Name of applicant(s) school
5. Name of application sender
6. Address
7. Telephone Number
8. e-mail

Send to:
e-mail: abc-workshop@ntticc.or.jp
FAX: 03-5353-0900

Closing day for application:
June 25 (Tuesday) Programming Day "Enjoy Visual Programming I"
AgentSheets Workshop [Finished]
June 30 (Sunday) Programming Day "Enjoy Visual Programming II"
ToonTalk Workshop [Finished]

*"Enjoy Visual Programming II" will be two days workshop.
*If the number of applicants over the quota, we shall be settled participants by lottery.
*We shall contact to participant after closing day.
*If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at 0120-144199 (Domestic only).