Machines comming to Japan
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Event: SRL
Live on the Internet

December 23rd.(national holiday),1999 [Finished] Yoyogi National Stadium Olimpic Plaza, NTT InterCommunicaiton Center [ICC] Gallery D


From its pre-opening activities up to the present, ICC (NTT InterCommunication Center) has explored the possibilities for artistic expression beyond the conventional fields of scientific technology and the arts, and has aimed to pursue wide-ranging projects beyond the confines of physical space. SRL's performance "Fin de Siecle Machine Circus" will be the first time that an ICC event has combined a large-scale outdoor show with a computer network.

SRL (Survival Research Laboratories) is a performance group formed in 1978 centering around Mark Pauline. SRL set up its base in San Francisco in 1979 and has given over 40 performances in the United States and Europe since then.

SRL's large-scale shows feature "battles" and other kinds of interaction between huge machines and robots made of various kinds of scrap and junk, creating a machine utopia populated by "naked machines" stripped of their original uses or objectives and the functions designed to realize them.

This very ironic and humorous portrayal of high-tech machines designed and used for practical purposes has the cathartic effect of freeing us from the feeling we have in contemporary society of being manipulated and oppressed by advanced technology. Since the 1980s, several attempts have been made to hold these performances in Japan, but it has so far proved impossible, mainly because of their massive scale.

ICC will hold SRL's first spectacular show in Japan at the outdoor venue of Yoyogi National Stadium in Shibuya, Tokyo. High-resolution images of the performance will be transmitted to ICC and all over Japan by means of a super-high speed optical fiber line, and an experiment will be conducted at ICC in which the machines will be operated by remote control via a network.

In addition, the whole show, including the preparations, will be transmitted live throughout the world via the Internet using streaming technology. This experimental event is essentially an attempt to extend an immensely powerful performance given in a large, real space into an infinite virtual space using the fastest network environment currently available.