Machines comming to Japan
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Event: SRL
Live on the Internet

December 23rd.(national holiday),1999 [Finished] Yoyogi National Stadium Olimpic Plaza, NTT InterCommunicaiton Center [ICC] Gallery D


Live on the Internet
Date : December 23rd.(national holiday), 1999 [Finished]

Network systems for SRL performance
For the experiment on this show, We shall connect the network system between Yoyogi National Stadium, ICC and NTT Otemachi bldg by high-speed optical fiber line called "ATM Mega Link". The communication speed should be 135Mbps.
At Yoyogi site, the machines will be controlled by TCP/IP via wireless network system. Also, the machines could be send video during the show.
At ICC, we shall show the high-quality video from Yoyogi site through the Mega-Link. The video will be encoded by MPEG2 format. We should try to control the machines via the network system by www based controller application at the show time.
The video from Yoyogi site, will be mixed with video of scenery at ICC. Finally, the video will be send to NTT Otemahci bldg to be broadcast by IP Multicast streaming as an experiment for streaming on the internet. We shall also broadcast the video the show via streaming software for all audience on the internet from preparing period.