"Terra Present / Terra Past"
"The World Generator"
"Neo Shamanism"
"Garden of Memory"
Participation Artist's

April 24 (Fri.) - June 21 (Sun.), 1998 [Finished] Gallery A, D


"The World Generator / The Engine of Desire"
Interactive video installation with a two-users network
1996 - 1998
Bill SEAMAN , programmer Gideon MAY

"The World Generator / The Engine of Desire" is an interactive work that enables participant to select/place 3D objects and construct/navigate through virtual poetic worlds. The participants' selects objects from a rotating menu system and cooperate with another participant to generate a new world. The menu system contains various component parts, including 3d models, poetic text fragments and texture maps (still and video). The participant will experience unexplored space of images and sounds. The exhibition presents a new version of the work incorporating Japanese language and an artistic experiment in networking ZKM (Germany) and ICC (Japan) so that the viewers in both country can mutually participate in the same work.