"Terra Present / Terra Past"
"The World Generator"
"Neo Shamanism"
"Garden of Memory"
Participation Artist's

April 24 (Fri.) - June 21 (Sun.), 1998 [Finished] Gallery A, D


"Garden of Memory"
Multimedia installation
MINATO Chihiro , MORIWAKI Hiroyuki
Sound design: WONO Satoru, Architechtural Planning: TAIRA NISHIZAWA Architects & Associates, Lighting Design: Light Field Architects

By taking the concept of telepresence as a device of imagination, or as a vehicle to travel through time space, the media installation traverse the space of images and sounds. Its devices--an orb hanging down from the ceiling, a trapeze watching the world and a stroboscope in sync with a fountain rendering a sphere--enable the viewer to search the images (and texts) which represent the outline of our world; such as the equator, the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, South America, a metropolis, a crowd of people, and a desert. Film sessions and panel discussions on various subjects including "movement", "mythology", "transportation", "doppelg3?er" and "san ctuary" will be arranged.