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July 29 (Tuesday)--September 7 (Sunday), 1997 [Finished] Gallery A, D, Theater


As the information society moves faster and faster, we are inundated with a proliferation of purely symbolic and virtual images. And while art and science approach one another more and more closely, we are always surrounded by these superficial concepts, and the present fin-de-siecle feeling scatters and betrays us. Couldn't we at least have an exhibition rediscovering the dialogue with natural phenomena that was the origin of both art and science? Can't we have a return to innocence, a poignant memory of our unity with all existence? That is precisely what we hope to achieve with this exhibition.

In place of high tech and ultramodern creations, here we have art works of a kind that have moved mankind since time immemorial, and excited his aesthetic sense and curiosity. Natural phenomena like water, sand and air that have nurtured the flower of science, the simple process of crystallization, the innumerable vibrations and movements that make us feel the rhythm of earth and space, are here in profusion. Moreover, the artists here today, just like scientists, all feel the mystery of the hidden principles underlying existence, are capable of an expression that can be felt with the five senses. The hard and fast line dividing art from science is already gone..

While the overwhelming tendency of contemporary media art is to move from the atom to the bit, this school of artists must surely take it upon itself to bring about the coexistence of bit and atom which will become more and more necessary to the next generation. They must become catalysts for a new consciousness of the interplay between bit and atom. It's summer. Isn't this the season for people to recall the past, and return to commune with space and spirits with water as a catalyst?