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On Assembling the "art.bit collection"

Programing Day "Enjoy Visual Programing I"

Symposium "Visual Programming"

Programming Day "Enjoy Visual Programming II"

Symposium "art_bit_culture"

Programming Day "PaneKit"

Artists Talk "Software as the Culture, Social and Cultural Role of the Software Design"

Symposium "Linker, 9 and CommunityWare"

Performance "Music.bit Performance"
For Participate in Workshop
June 21 (Friday) - August 11 (Sunday), 2002 Gallery A, B



1.Visual Programming Environment
Unlike conventional computer programming methods that rely on programming language, these works offer a programming environment centered on visual images. By touching and manipulating objects on a screen, users-even without knowing programming language-can program the computer and have it perform various tasks.

"drawing blocks"


2.Media Programming Environment
Software environments in this category permit users to insert, create, or restructure sounds or images. Computers using this software have metamedia capabilities that allow users to fuse various types of media.



3.CommunityWare (software that makes connections between people)
This communication software helps people connect and form interactive communities. Workshops will be held to introduce this program.



4.Virtual Environment
Users visit imaginary environments in the computer and create creatures to inhabit them. The creatures can even be made into permanent residents in these environments.


5.Web Browser Historical View and Alternatives
Looking back on the history of Web browser development, one discovers a variety of unusual and fascinating alternatives to the browsers in use today. The works in this category introduce the many creative and ingenious approaches that have been taken, as well as truly surprising concepts developed by artists.

"I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker"


6.Behind the Network
Behind the network we all use, there are all kinds of information that never gets displayed on the computer screen. What would it look like if the flow of that network information were made visible? This software will satisfy your curiosity.

"Tokyo Local Webscape"
"plaNet Former"


7.NoiseWare-Deconstructing Desktop and Application
Look here to see the most artistic of applications, which cast doubt on the basic assumptions of the familiar computer-screen surface and permits users to deconstruct, rebuild, and introduce various kinds of "noise."

"CO.JP browser"
"FMS (FragMental Storm)"
"Living Web Browser"