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On Assembling the "art.bit collection"

Programing Day "Enjoy Visual Programing I"

Symposium "Visual Programming"

Programming Day "Enjoy Visual Programming II"

Symposium "art_bit_culture"

Programming Day "PaneKit"

Artists Talk "Software as the Culture, Social and Cultural Role of the Software Design"

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Performance "Music.bit Performance"
For Participate in Workshop

June 21 (Friday) - August 11 (Sunday), 2002 Gallery A, B

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Symposium "art_bit_culture" | Live on the Internet

Date: July 13 (Saturday), 1:00pm - [Finished]
Venue: Gallery B
Admission free, seating capacity of 100 (The usual admission is charged for viewing the exhibitions)

JODI, Florian CRAMER, LAN (participating artist in the exhibition),exonemo (participating artist in the exhibition), doubleNegatives (participating artist in the exhibition), ETO Kouichirou, SHIKATA Yukiko

Live on the Internet
Symposium will be broadcasted on the internet.


Florian CRAMER



ETO Kouichirou, SHIKATA Yukiko