ICC Report

Time and Space in Moving Images

Time and Space in Moving Images--from the ICC Collection

First period: April 24th--May 28th, 1998
Second period: May 30th--June 25th, 1998
ICC Theater

ICC maintains a collection of foreign and Japanese video art and film (transferred to video), from which works were selected to illustrate four broad categories of technique/method: "Repeat/Multiplication," "Composition/Collage," "Editing/Assemblage" and "Construction." The presentations were organized to demonstrate how such works that go beyond ordinary "montage" in manipulating time and space have created their own audiovisual language.

Klaus VON BRUCH's <<Das Duracellband>> (The Duracell Tape) (1980), part of the "Repeat/Multiplication" program, sequenced short excerpts from a Duracell battery commercial in intensive repetition, intercut with flashes of archival imagery of World War II bombers to produce a disturbing rhythm. As if the repetitiveness of the image sequences themselves (advancing only to a set timepoint) were aware of the viewer's mounting uneasiness.

In the "Construction" category, IDEMITSU Mako's <<Kaé Act Like A Girl.>> (1996) used video projection and monitors to create a "video drama" addressing issues of gender discrimination in everyday Japanese life. While video as electronic media constituted the mainstay of this program, early groundbreaking experiments in film by MATSUMOTO Toshio were also shown.


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