ICC Metaverse Project
"Metaverse" is a generic term for 3-D virtual spaces on the Internet. Inside such virtual worlds, users manipulate avatars - representations of themselves - in order to navigate within the space and communicate with others. As defining features of a Metaverse, users are allowed to create their own 3-D spaces, and engage in economic activities such as placing advertisements and selling/buying goods and services.
Among such Metaverse services which provide Internet architecture with socialware aspects, Linden Lab's "Second Life" is known to be the most prominent example. The technical specifications of these Metaverse services require users to be present in the same virtual area in order to establish communication. This aspect of synchronism might be one reason why these services struggle to build enthusiasm at the mass-level.
"ICC Metaverse Project" aims to find alternative applications of the Metaverse, which is arguably still at a transitory stage by holding study sessions with artists and researchers seeking for new possibilities.
The issues that are discussed in these sessions will be documented on this website. From there, we plan to conduct experiments with the Metaverse platform, and are looking forward to present them online and in gallery situations.
Metaverse Study Sessions
The sessions aim to understand the features and issues and to find alternative applications of Metaverses, by holding study sessions with artists and researchers seeking for new possibilities.
Vol.1 HAMANO Satoshi Architecture of the Metaverse February 28, 2009 release HAMANO Satoshi
"Architecture of the Metaverse"
Vol.2 ETO Kouichirou Origin and Evolution of Virtual Space March 13, 2009 release ETO Kouichirou
"Origin and Evolution of Virtual "Space""
upcoming March 24, 2009 release exonemo x Dominique CHEN
"Defining the Reality of the Virtual Space"
upcoming March 30, 2009 release TANAKA Hiroya x KARASAWA Yuusuke
"Space, Environment, Corporeity in the Metaverse"