RedWhat goes on in the mind of an artist?
Welcome to the imagination of artists, people who cast ideas that normally don't come to people's minds into shape.

RedWhat does it mean?
We invite you to try and think about the meanings of works inspired by things discovered and noticed in the respective creator’s direct environment. Adjusting your way of thinking might help gain a better understanding of these works.

RedHow does it work?
Here you can access the secrets behind various mechanisms, ranging from the workings of human thinking and feeling, to a computer's calculation mechanism.

what exactly goes on in the mind of an artist when he/she creates a work and thereby casts ideas into shape that normally don't even come to the average person's mind? Slightly adjusting the way we usually see and think about things occurring around us might help us gain some understanding about this process.

Astonishing works, wondrous works, exciting works, enigmatic works, and those that make one feel like playing with them. Thinking about what exactly their creators may be trying to convey will stimulate your imagination regarding the way artists materialize their ideas in concrete shapes. These works realized with current technologies that have become a rather familiar part of everyday life inspire us to use our imagination and deepen our understanding of art and technology, which we hope will ultimately fuel new creative ideas.