"Otocyon megalotis"
evala + SUZUKI Akio
Date: October 1, 2013 – March 2, 2014

photo: KIOKU Keizo

Sounds at various outdoor listening spots selected by SUZUKI Akio in Kyotango (formerly Amino-cho), Kyoto, including SUZUKI's own outdoor exhibits "Hinatabokko no kukan (Space in the Sun)" and "Otodate (Echo point)," as well as performances on his countless self-built instruments such as the Analapos, Glass Harmonica, Kugiuchi and Cuica Custom, were recorded by evala using state-of-the-art special 3-D microphones. Based on these field recordings, evala artificially created reverberations and echoes of the respective recording locations in an anechoic room, and reconstructed the accordingly transforming sonic movements into an 8.1ch three-dimensional sound installation.

In the dark exhibition space, visitors experience phenomena one may describe as extraordinary acoustic illusions such as hearing sounds from giant musical instruments, or through ears full of water.

The title "Otocyon megalotis" (bat-eared fox) refers to an African native nocturnal mammal with large, highly developed ears that can precisely locate prey, and hear ultrasound that is inaudible to the human ear.

Visitors can enjoy the installation one at a time for up to ten minutes, and are free to choose one from a number of available compositions. More compositions will be added to the list during the exhibition period.

3D sound produce: evala, ACOUSTIC FIELD
Equipment support: ACOUSTIC FIELD INC.

evala Profile
Born 1976. Sound artist. Next to releasing and performing edgy works of electronic music, has been providing a variety of cutting-edge technology-based sound designs and three-dimensional sound systems for public spaces, stage performances, movies and advertising media. Recent works include the CD "acoustic bend" (port, 2010), and the installation "void inflection" (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM], 2011). Together with SHIBUYA Keiichiro, he made the installation piece "for maria anechoic room version," and is part of the laptop duo ATAK Dance Hall.
Past Exhibition / Event

SUZUKI Akio Profile
Born 1941. His worldwide activities as a pioneering figure in the realm of sound art since the early 1960s have been revolving around "listening" as a central aspect. Built the echo instrument Analapos in 1970. In 1988, he set up the "Hinatabokko no kukan (Space in the Sun)" for listening to the sounds of nature over the course of a day in Amino-cho (now Kyotango) in Kyoto, a place located exactly on the meridian line. Unveiled "Otodate (Echo point)," a painted ear looking like a footprint on the ground, on which one can stand and listen to the sounds of that particular location, in 1996. Has been invited to major art shows and music festivals in Europe and around the world.
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* This work is installed in an anechoic room, which visitors experience, one at a time. The number of visitors who can experience that installation each day is thus limited.
Reservation tickets are issued at the site, and visitors will be called in turn according to the numbers on their tickets.
Please note that, depending on the number of reservations already made when you arrive at the ICC, you may not be able to experience the anechoic room installation that day.