"Imaginature Lab."

Installation view: #01
photo: KIOKU Keizo

This work is an attempt to take various sorts of fragments from our immediate natural environment. Arranged in a shelf in the exhibition space are a variety of objects related to nature. Stone, for example, is a substance and at the same time a basic material that all kinds of things are made of. In addition to this, we sometimes draw inspiration from the shapes and colors of particular stones. When picturing a stone, we can express not only the property of the stone itself, but also the mental picture it inspires in us.

The Imaginature Lab. showcases the artists' thinking process itself, and their experiments translating various aspects of natural materials into mental images not only through vision, but also through the senses of touch, hearing and smell, as well as our memories of these. The works and books here, together with the room they are exhibited in, can be considered as a space for educing images generated in our minds. Also planned are workshops and other events on periodically changing subjects.

Shelf design: mamm-design

The First term
Date: May 25 – September 1, 2013
Theme 'Hana: Flower' 'Ishi: Stone'

The Second term
Date: September 3 – December 1, 2013
Theme 'Shishi: Tetrapoda' 'Mushi: Hexapoda'

The Third term
Date: December 3, 2013 – March 2, 2014
Theme 'Sora: Sky'

plaplax Profile
Professional interactive art/design group made up of CHIKAMORI Motoshi, KUNOH Kyoko, KAKEHI Yasuaki and OHARA Ai. The members from different fields of specialization continue to collaborate on interactive works borrowing motifs from children's games and toys such as silhouettes, building blocks or picture books, that have been exhibited in Japan and abroad. Also engage in joint research with universities and companies, and the choreography of public spaces and commercial facilities.
Past Exhibition / Event