Open Space 2012


photo: KIOKU Keizo

The camera observes from a fixed viewpoint the interior of a room in which a man is painting a wall. While continuously capturing the scenery, the camera moves downward, through the floor, until it enters another room one floor below. As if moving vertically through the interior of a building, it continues to move down floor by floor, whereas the sceneries and actions in each room are visible only for the time it takes the camera to pass the respective level.

On each floor the camera catches a different man going about a different vacuous business, in a dismal setting and with a rather bored expression. One of them makes and flies countless paper planes; another one inflates rubber balloons; in one room, a man rides a bicycle… In addition, there are chairs arranged differently, posters with different mimetic and onomatopoetic words, and cardboard boxes of the same size piled up to the ceiling each time the camera comes back to the same room again.

In these ten imaginary rooms, each symbolized by a different color, different things are happening. The camera passes the ten rooms one after another, and this procedure is repeated ten times (which is reflected in this work's title). While the camera moves through a total of 100 rooms, the viewer becomes a witness of the things that occur in each of them. This probably also hints at the fact that both filming and watching a video are basically acts of peeping.

John WOOD and Paul HARRISON Profile

UK-based pair of artists who have been creating video works incorporating elements of sculpture, performance, architecture, etc. together since 1993. WOOD (born 1969) and HARRISON (1966) use various handmade objects and daily life articles to realize their works based on simple ideas yet charged with elements of surprise and humor, demonstrating cause and effect in occurrences triggered by physical phenomena such as gravity, wind power or tension.