ICC Kids Program 2011 Trans-scale: Changing our frames of reference

NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] is happy to present the ICC Kids Program 2011 "Trans-scale: Changing our frames of reference."
We use many methods, and technologies, to measure and observe our world. We come to understand the world using these different scales. Our creative lives are built on these frames of reference. Therefore, learning to see the world through more personal or individual 'scales' might help us develop our own distinctive worlds, to share with others, and build new understandings together.
The theme of this year's ICC Kids Program is to find special 'scales' which can dramatically change how we see or understand. Three genre-defying artists use distinctive 'scales' to present different visions for seeing the world.
Both the exhibition and workshops are opportunities to use our hands and eyes to think about what kind of 'scales' we use to see the world.

The ICC Kids Program 2011 is participating in the "Arts Shower 2011 Summer Festival"
in Tokyo Opera City.

Project Support / Space Design: NAGAOKA Ben

NAGAOKA Ben was born in Tokyo, 1970. He graduated with a M.F.A. from Keio University, Department of Media and Governance in 1997. Since 1999 he's been working within the creative unit "point," which incorporated in 2009. He's one of the founding managers of the "co-lab" shared office building developments from 2003. He teaches part-time at Kuwasawa Design School, Keio University, and at Tokyo Denki University. His designs are known for their sense of surprise, playfulness, and comfort, as "collaborations with clients to design spaces to touch people's hearts."
His many awards include the 1996 Interoffice Design Competition (for "pet"), the 2008 JCD Design Awards Gold Award (for "MUSVI"), the 2009 JCD Design Awards Gold Award (for "Yamakoya" at Ina-Higashi Primary School), the 2010 JCD Design Awards Gold Award (for "Diesel Gallery"), and the 2011 Housing Architecture Award Prize, and 2011 Tokyo Society of Architects and Building Engineers Award (for "Jukkaie").

Space Design Support: AZUMI Ryo
Exhibition Graphics: MIKI Takafumi