"Flat Scope Scape MJ"

"Gala Clockworks (Twin)"
unitedbows (TOKOLO Asao + IMAI Ken)

photo: KIOKU Keizo

Using transparent sheets printed with geometric patterns and layering multiple sheets on top of a light box gives the appearance of the patterns merging together to create a new pattern. It is possible to change this pattern by moving the sheets slowly. Three light boxes have been captured using three cameras and these three images layered one on the other using projectors.

Interposition of multiple regular cyclical patterns is called "moiré interference." It is possible to change the moiré by changing how the patterns are layered. The artist calls this manipulation "MJ (moiré jockey)" in reference to "VJ (video jockey)." Interposing three images and then projecting the moiré pattern onto your (the manipulator's) own shadow creates a somewhat fantastical scene. "Gala Clockworks (Twin)" ticks down while a pattern divided into a grid transform diversely in accordance with the situation in the exhibition space. The work has been programmed so that in any moment it becomes a continuous pattern and no pattern is generated twice.

Cooperation: Photobition Japan K.K., Ishimaru Co., Ltd., Yokoyama Co., Ltd.

TOKOLO Asao, IMAI Ken, unitedbows Profile

TOKOLO Asao studied architecture and is active in borderline fields of art, architecture, and design, working under a theme of "Linking." Based on simple principles, in addition to creating patterns that can be reproduced using a ruler and compass, he is currently applying the same principles to create three-dimensional structures.
IMAI Ken studied mathematics and information science, after which he began creating works on the themes of communication and interaction design and incorporating such elements as graphics and language dialogue while concurrently conducting research on ontology in the medical field, knowledge processing, and natural language processing. He has a doctorate degree in Interdisciplinary Information Studies.
unitedbows is a collaboration unit formed by TOKOLO Asao and IMAI Ken in 2002 and joined by ARAMAKI Eiji in 2005.

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Date: February 5 (Sat.), 2:00 pm– [Finished]
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