Open Salon Events by exhibiting artists of Open Space 2009
Live voice.zero + After Talk with SHIKATA Yukiko (ICC)
Live: voice.zero (VJ) x evala (sound)
After Talk: voice.zero with SHIKATA Yukiko (ICC)
Date: January 23 (Sat.), 2010, 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm [finished]
Venue: ICC 4F special stage
Capacity: 150 persons (first-come basis)
Admission: Free
Exhibited Work Live on the Internet
Event will be broadcasted on the internet.

evala(port, ATAK) Profile
  • Born in 1976. Sound artist. HEAD of "port," ATAK member. Next to releasing radical works of electronic music and performing live in Japan and abroad, has been involved in projects ranging from sound design for various media, to system design for manufacturers' products incorporating cutting-edge technology.
    CD release: "initial" (2006, port).
voice.zero evala
voice.zero evala