Renewed under the concept Art x Communication=Open!, the NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] hosts a talk session about how Art and Communication might be updated around the idea of Openness. We will explore how the relationship between so-called artists and audience can be redefined and the possible consequences of a massive opening and sharing of creative process. Guest panelists include social artist TSUBAKI Noboru (UNboy, Radikal Dialogue), art strategist KUSUMI Kiyoshi (ex-editor in chief of the monthly "BT" magazine), translator of numerous "Open-Source/ Creative Commons" related texts YAMAGATA Hiroo, with Dominick CHEN (director of ICC's open video archive, HIVE) as the moderator. This first edition's exhibiting artist ENDO Takumi will also participate in the discussion, in addition to a introduction to Open Source history by TAKITA Satoko(Mozilla Japan, Chairman).

Date : September 24(Sun.) 2:00pm - 5:00pm [Finished]
Venue : ICC 5F Lobby
Capacity : 250 persons
Entrance : Free
Hosted by : NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]
Co-Host : NPO GADAGO (TokyoArtBeat / DIVVY/dual)
Cooperation : Mozilla Japan

Live on The Internet
Talk session will be broadcasted on the internet.
(only in Japanese)

TSUBAKI Noboru(Artist)
KUSUMI Kiyoshi (Art Strategist)
YAMAGATA Hiroo (Translator / Critique)
ENDO Takumi(Composer / Media Artist)
Dominick CHEN (ICC Researcher)

KUSUMI Kiyoshi

ENDO Takumi

Dominick CHEN